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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Removing Those Pesky Pet Odors

It’s covered in fur, has four legs and is your favorite member of the family – pets are becoming indispensable members of the family.
But pets can bring less desirable traits to the relationship. One of the worst traits? Odor.
What’s the cause?
Why your pet suddenly smells can be the result of many things, and finding out the cause is the first step to stopping the stink.
  • Make sure his outdoor play areas are clean and his fur well-groomed.
  • Keep his resting areas and kennels clean.
  • If you suspect the odor is resulting from a physical condition, schedule a visit to your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Are you doing your part?
Even if your pet is housetrained, accidents can happen. After cleaning up, use a pet-friendly carpet cleaner to remove any lingering odors.

Choosing Your Indoor Paint Color

When painting the interior of your home, how do you choose from virtually limitless colors? Colors bring out an emotional component that many people respond to. A house can be made up of different moods – bright, sunny yellow in the kitchen; calming blue in the bedrooms; and a strong, confident red in the living room.
Software Is the New Color Wheel.
Ask for a color wheel in your local paint store or try a color software program. Colors fall into two categories – warm or cool.
Give Your Color a Test Drive.
Before you purchase gallons of paint, test out the colors. Ask for sample paint cards and place them in the room in question.
Consider the Room’s Contents.
Color can be altered by lighting, carpeting, draperies and furnishings. Coordinate your paint selections with your furnishing purchases.

Dress Up Your Space

There are many different ways to make a statement with your home, and all you need is a can of paint and maybe some new hardware. New, updated drawer pulls and knobs can make a huge difference to your cabinets, drawers and doors. Accenting unique pieces or features of your home with a coordinating pop of color will liven up a space. Consider painting one or more of these five areas:
  • Mailbox – Giving directions to your home will be much easier!
  • Front Porch – Paint the whole thing, especially the floor.
  • Front Door – Welcome visitors with a cheerful door.
  •  Accent Wall – Frame your entertainment center.
  • Fireplace – Make your fireplace a work of art.


Pest Control

You probably don’t want moles burrowing through your manicured lawn or beautiful garden. Although they are carnivorous mammals, their prey is probably chowing down on your prize radishes and begonias.
Getting rid of their daily meals may be the best way to save your yard and veggies from being dug up. Spray your lawn with pesticide to target and eliminate grubs, their go-to food source. Moles are also repulsed by castor oil, red pepper and tar. Any of these placed around entrances of tunnels may repel the moles and cause them to move elsewhere. If these methods do not work, trapping and relocating moles may be your only option.


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